Update regarding the mirror pool’s flooded pump room

City Park’s water feature has been out of action since 14 April after a water pipe burst and flooded the plant room causing significant damage to the mirror pool’s electronics and pump systems.

People will be able to again enjoy the mirror pool from early August while contractors work behind the scenes to repair and update the fountains system which will be back to full operation this November. Due to the nature of the repairs, there will be periods of time when the mirror pool will have to be shut down.

The system will be upgraded to take advantage of significant technology advances which have occurred in the last eight years. This will include the development and installation of a bespoke web-based system to give greater management and maintenance.

In the past weeks, Bradford Council and our contractors have been working hard evaluating the flood damage and putting together plans for the repairs. This has taken some time due to the need for the electronics to dry out allowing for careful testing of the system.

City Park is a world-class facility. Sourcing highly specialised pumps, controls and other components, and planning to assemble the high tech replacement system has also been time-consuming.

Following its installation in 2011, the Mirror Pool has been carefully maintained, however, over the years an increase in water pressure and flow rate of the gravity-fed mains water supply weakened the holding tank’s pipework causing it to fail. The new upgraded system will feature additional measures to prevent this happening again.

The mirror pool is the largest urban water feature in the UK. It can be a cool, tranquil and misty space; a huge, reflective watery mirror, or a bubbling, squirting, popping and splashing fountain display.

At night the mirror pool transforms into a magical illuminated light, laser and water display. City Park’s computer plays 100 fountains, lights, mist and water effects like a maestro conducting a glorious watery symphony. Afternoons are best if you would like to see the Mirror Pool full. Dusk is best for viewing the lights.

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