Mirror Pool at night


The Mirror Pool is the largest urban water feature in the UK. It can be a cool, tranquil and misty space; a huge, reflective watery mirror; a bubbling, squirting, popping and splashing fountain display; a beautifully lit aqueous light display or a thunderous 100ft water canon. City Park's computer plays the 100 fountains, laser lights, mist and water effects like a maestro conducting a glorious watery symphony. Afternoons are best if you would like to see the Mirror Pool full. Dusk is best for viewing the lights.

Main fountain

Blasting up to over 100ft in the air, this is the highest urban fountain in the UK. Twenty barrier fountains squirt up to 20ft high and provide a safety barrier to deter people from hurting themselves because the Main Fountain is very powerful. At night 24 bright LEDs light the fountain to stunning effect.

Perimeter fountains

Fifty-four vertical fountains run around the edge of the Mirror Pool. They can be programmed to produce hundreds of different combinations including ‘celebrate’ (simultaneous), ‘chase’ (sequential) and ‘shy’ (diminish as you walk towards them). At night the Perimeter Fountains are lit by three primary colour LED lights to produce thousands of beautiful colours.

Play jets

Towards the back of the Mirror Pool you will find the Play Jets. Children love to play in these gentle, low intensity fountains which run from 2 inches to 2ft.

Arching jets

See if you can make it through the magical watery tunnel created by 10 cleverly designed arching jets. These only operate when the mirror pool is empty.


If you are very lucky, you may witness the geysers. These produce spectacular high pressure water explosions which can sound like a whale’s blow hole or booming canon.

Lighting towers

Renowned artist, Wolfgang Buttress designed the ten lighting columns to look like giant water reeds. Not only do these sleek towers house smart lighting allowing the fountain LEDs to look their best, they also feature clever motion sensors and laser projectors which create a subtle laser show later at night.

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